Are you tired of dealing with the same things every day and consuming yourself! Isn’t it time to make radical decisions and cross the road in your life? What do you expect to join hundreds of happy families that we make their dreams come true with dozens of projects every year?

invest in your future
invest in your future

Describe your dream and we will design a project. We undertake in advance that we will not charge a single penny from the start of your project until its end.

  • Let’s Evaluate the Project Together, Issue the Cost Report, Examine the Cost / Profit Ratio, Decide Whether We Will Enter the Project or not.
  • Let us inform you by making a detailed presentation of the price analysis of the last 5 years of the product group to be produced.
  • If you want seeds, fertilizers and other requirements needed during production, you can take them and deliver them to us, or we will search for the best prices and inform you.
  • You can come and examine at any time without giving any information at every stage of production, you can bring experts with you and also get information.
  • If You Have Any Channel Or Have An Idea To Sell The Produced Product Group, We Can Also Provide Sales In A Quick Way Thanks To Our Expert Team.
  • Let’s Undertake the Storage, Shipping Process, or Both, without Making a Request.
  • We Are With You With Our Expert Staff At Every Stage From The Preparation Of The Planting Area To The Harvest, Even Storage And Shipping Within the Project, 25% of the Production Will Be Ours, 75% Will Be Your

Sample Cost Table

  • 150 $ Seed (Average 45 thousand)
  • 150 $ 4 Decares of Field 1 Year Rent,
  • 250 $ Plowing the field for sowing preparations (2 times the field is plowed, strips are drawn for the sowing areas),
  • 250 $ 2 times hoe and field cleaning,
  • 550 $ Fertilizer,
  • 500 $ irrigation,
  • 1.000 $ vaccination (If you have your own team for such a project, you can bring it),
  • 750 $ Saplings Bag,
  • 500 $ Final Sapling Removal and Tubing Total Cost 4100 $

Production Capacity: An average of 31 thousand saplings are taken from 45 thousand bitter almond seeds, and this figure drops to 30 thousand under the worst conditions. If we calculate the price-cost ratio according to the worst, 22,500 pieces of 30,000 almond saplings will be on your right.

Earnings & Performance: You have acquired 22,500 scuba grafted almond saplings at 4100 $ costs. 4100 / 22.500 = 0.182 cent (Cost of 1 Almond Sapling) As of 2011, our business partner has sold 10.000 units of Scuba Grafted Almond Saplings for 2 $ and 12500 units from 2.5 $. Total Sales Number: 51250 $. Cost & Earn Net Profit of 51250 – 4100 = 47.150 $. It has made an average of 1111% Profit.

Projects started in 2021

  • 1200 papaya saplings from seed (for Central Anatolia)
  • 25 thousand rootstock bitter almond (Çöğür) waterless cultivation
  • 21 Thousand apricot rootstock (Çöğür) for waterless cultivation
  • 8 Thousand dwarf peach rootstock (Çöğür)
  • 400 Thousand lavender saplings
  • 1500 Fruit tree suitable for home balcony growing (multi-planting)
  • 15 Thousand Tubes lavender
  • 15 thousand pots of lavender
  • 11 Thousand Dragon fruit pitaya in pot

Completed Projects (2021)

  • 8K Pitaya Dragon Fruit Open Stem (Delivered)
  • 30 Thousand Tubed Almond Saplings (Delivered)
  • 42 Thousand Scuba Apricot Saplings (Delivered)
  • 23 Thousand Scuba Peach Saplings (Delivered)
  • 200 Thousand Scuba Lavender Seedlings (Delivered)
  • 220 Thousand Scuba Sage Seedlings (Delivered)
  • 180 Thousand Scuba Thyme Seedlings (Delivered)
  • 65 Thousand Tubed Plum Saplings (Delivered)
  • 400 Thousand open root almond extract (Delivered)
  • 120 Thousand Lavender Seedlings Open Root (Delivered)
  • 100 Thousand Lavender Seedlings Open Root (Delivered)
  • 25 Thousand Tomato Seedlings in Viol (Delivered)
  • 16 Thousand Thyme Seedlings Open Root (Delivered)
  • 12 Thousand Pepper Seedlings in Viol (Delivered)
  • 10 Thousand Eggplant Seedlings in Viyol (Delivered)
  • 5 Thousand GYMNO cactus Planting from seed (Delivered)
  • Planting from 8 Thousand Astro Cactus Seeds (Delivered)
  • 13 Thousand Astro Cactus Tissue Culture (Delivered)
  • 25 Thousand Pitaya Dragon Fruit in Pot (Delivered)
papaya fidan yetiştiriciliği
papaya fidan yetiştiriciliği